I am a personal injury lawyer specializing in bike crashes, sexual assaults, police violence and racism. I am a fierce advocate for individuals who have suffered injuries.

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I am a dedicated advocate for individuals who have suffered injuries and those in need. I specialize in Human Rights, Disability, Personal Injury, Anti-Racist, and Employment Law. 

I am a survivor of violence and know all too well what it means to personally go through recovery and navigate sometimes unforgiving systems. I am uniquely qualified to represent survivors of violence and other injured people as a result of this shared experience. I am blessed and thankful for my recovery. My experiences have made me determined to use what I have learned to help my clients. (learn about Dave's Recovery)

As a fierce litigator, I advocate on all fronts for my clients. In the courts, with insurers, treatment providers, and the state actors, including the city and police, where necessary. From beginning to end, you can rely on me to advance your claim to the best possible resolution.





I fell in love with cycling while growing up in the Thornbury/Collingwood area, riding up and down the Niagara Escarpment on the road and through the trees. From there I went to university in London, Ontario, and then to West Africa where I found a calling in human rights activism. I now apply that fierce activism to the law and helping injured cyclists.

As a year round bike commuter, cycling across the City of Toronto, rain, snow, or shine, I am intimately aware of the challenges faced by cyclists.    I encourage more people to embrace biking as a fun and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. However, I am also here to support cyclists when they need help.

As a litigation lawyer at a boutique personal injury, employment, disability and human rights law firm, I fight for cyclists every day. I represent cyclists in disputes with insurance companies, negligent car drivers and municipalities to ensure my clients get the health care and compensation they deserve. 





If you have any questions for me or just want to get in touch, feel free to contact me.

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