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Our team supports the growth of safe cycling in Collingwood. Riding a bike is low impact, supports a healthy lifestyle, is good for the environment and reduces traffic. Unfortunately, our cities are designed around the automobile. Cyclists are vulnerable when sharing the road with cars and trucks. Where negligence is involved we use the terms collisions or crashes, not accidents.

If you or a loved one has been injured riding a bicycle in Collingwood, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, loss of past and future income, housekeeping expenses, and past and future health care expenses.

As a cyclist who has been involved in a collision with a motor vehicle you are entitled to Accident Benefits. Accident Benefits provide for medical and rehabilitation benefits, income replacement benefits, and attendant care benefits. Learn about what benefits you may be entitled to here.

It is critical that you reach out to lawyers who understand the unique vulnerabilities cyclists face. Our team of lawyers ride bikes and have over 20 years of personal injury law experience. We understand the complex physical injuries, concussions and trauma often associated bike crashes. Contact us immediately if you have been involved in a bicycle accident in Collingwood.





Accident benefits for Collingwood cyclists struck by motor vehicle

In addition to a lawsuit against the at fault driver, a cyclist struck by an automobile also has access to no-fault Accident Benefits even if the cyclist does have their own automobile insurance. This is vital information. Frequently, we meet with cyclists who are unaware of their entitlement to Accident Benefits when they collide with a motor vehicle. Accident Benefits provide the injured cyclist with immediate, and sometimes lifelong funding for treatment and lost wages, among other benefits.

We describe Accident Benefits for injured cyclists in more detail here

The first step is to determine which insurance company will provide coverage. A call to your insurance company or your spouse’s or parent’s insurance company is often all it takes to get the process started. If none of those apply, then the cyclist will receive Accident Benefits coverage from the insurance company responsible for the vehicle that struck the cyclist.

If neither the cyclist nor the motorist has insurance, then you can apply for Accident Benefits to Ontario’s Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund (MVAF), this is the case for many hit and run cases we deal with.


All too frequently bike crashes are associated with head injuries. Even our clients who have been wearing helmets are not immune from being concussed.

Brain injuries, specifically, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are among the most serious types of injuries the Biking Lawyer LLP team handles. While TBI can happen in any accident involving head trauma, motor vehicle versus bike accidents is among the most common cause.

These devastating injuries typically have a profound effect on the lives of both the victims and their families, and often require life-long care. If you or a family member has suffered a TBI, it is important to consult with our team who understands how to predict and calculate all your expenses many years into the future, so you can get the maximum compensation available.


Not every cycling crash in Collingwood involves a collision with a motor vehicle. Sometimes a feature on the road where the crash happened is a cause of the injury, such as pothole, broken pavement, poorly marked road works, etc. The initial focus is often on what the road disrepair or poor construction looks like, it’s important to take pictures where you crashed and try and get measurements of areas that contributed to your crash.

When construction zones are not properly maintained or controlled, the result can be devastating. Serious injuries, and sometimes fatal accidents, occur due to poorly designed and maintained traffic control within construction zones. Because construction sites are constantly changing, it is important to consult with the Biking Lawyer LLP team as soon as possible.  The road configuration, as well as signage will quickly change after an accident.  As such, early collection and preservation of evidence will be important.



"The Biking Lawyer helped me navigate the entire hit and run bike crash process. Without their help, I wouldn't have had access to the much-needed physio sessions that have allowed me to still walk and bike today!"


"The Biking Lawyer was incredible at helping me navigate the insurance process so I could focus on my recovery." 


"I was doored and suffered a concussion. I called the Biking Lawyer LLP. Not only did they provide me with on the scene emergency advice but they helped me get set up with a treatment team that allowed me to recover from my injuries!" 

We are specialists in cycling injury law. We have represented hundreds of injured cyclists in Collingwood and across Ontario. We ensure that you get the justice, support and compensation you deserve as a result of being in a bike crash with a motor vehicle, road disrepair, construction or other road violence.

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