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We are top trained lawyers and employ all strategies and tools at our disposal to help our clients get justice.


Our priority is to allow you to recover with peace of mind. Our team will focus on the details of your legal case to ensure that when it comes time to negotiate, you are in a position of power. We know the stress of a lawsuit and we will take every effort to manage that stress on your behalf.


We take the time to listen to our clients and to design a legal strategy that works for them. In many instances we are able to take on cases on a contingency fee basis, allowing us to delay any legal fees until and only if we succeed.


It is essential for our clients to feel respected throughout the legal process. Though we are fierce litigators, we take the time to educate and empower every client we work with.


We are a new type of lawyer. We are dedicated to just individual results for our clients, systemic change, and a more fair and equitable society.


Contact us by telephone or email or fill out the online form to schedule a free consultation. A member of our team will contact you for a free consultation with a lawyer. All consultations are totally confidential.

If we are able to assist you we will open a file for you.  We do not charge a legal fee unless we are successful in winning your case.

Our lawyers will thoroughly explain our contingency fee agreements to you. In the meantime, you can find out more about these Law Society of Ontario approved agreements here


Our dedication is to our individual clients. However, where possible we advocate and work towards systemic changes that will make our communities inclusive, safe, and vibrant.


We have a robust presence in our communities. Aside from being physically located in the community the Biking Lawyer LLP provides pro-bono work to the following groups:

  • Sex workers

  • Activists/Protestors

  • Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking Survivors

  • Cyclists far and wide


In addition to our partnerships with:



The Biking Lawyer LLP is a founding member and donor to the Toronto Bike Brigade

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