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Our support for people and communities who have been discriminated against goes beyond legal services. We have worked and partnered with the following groups:


The lawyers at The Biking Lawyer LLP share a commitment to equality and human rights. We have acted for individuals and communities who have been marginalized in society, challenging unconstitutional laws and practices, and pursuing meaningful change.

I experienced anti-Black racism at my job. I retained Dave to help me at the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. He was thoughtful and determined in his advocacy on my behalf. Dave helped negotiate a resolution that involved compensation for me and the employer agreeing to train their staff on anti-Blackness and other forms of discrimination. The Biking Lawyer LLP helped me raise my voice and get justice.


We provide top-tier legal representation. Our team pursues a progressive and determined approach to advocacy ensuring our client’s voices are heard and respected. Our team is diverse as are the approaches we take in handling each person’s claim.

We have taken on discrimination and abuse of human rights in the Ontario Superior Court and Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.


  • Anti-Black racism

  • Trans rights

  • Gender Identity and Expression

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Disability/Addiction

  • Islamophobia

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