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Community Safety Alert - Hamilton Dundas Area - Motorist Stalking & Running Cyclists Off the Road

On May 22, 2024, Matthew was cycling with his brother and friend down Sydenham Hill in Dundas. As they proceeded down the steep and windy road, they heard what they perceived to be aggressive honking behind them. They turned around and saw a motorist (Tim Stevens) smashing his horn and gaining on them.


Mr. Stevens roared up behind them and purposely “close passed” the 3 cyclists.

Tragically, the driver swerved within inches of Matthew who was struck by the driver’s trailer. Matthew flew off his bike and skidded across road and ditch for about 25 feet.


The driver sped away. Thankfully due to some skillful riding and a favourable downhill grade, his friend was able to catch the driver and demand he wait for authorities to arrive. Matthew was taken to hospital having sustained serious injuries. The Biking Lawyer LLP has been retained to advocate on Matthew’s behalf.


As terrifying as this incident is, we suspect it is not an isolated event. On May 25, 2024, just 3 days after running Matthew off the road Mr. Stevens was back in the Sydenham Hill area. He stalked and harassed cyclists for 23 minutes, speeding, honking, and shouting at a group of cyclists all while filming as he drove before ultimately he himself ran a full red light at the conclusion of this grotesque odyssey:


Our office has alerted the Hamilton Police Service about this ongoing threat to vulnerable road users in the area. We have shared the video evidence above and await confirmation of what if any charges will be levelled against this motorist. In addition to careless driving and pass not in safety, we submit that there is a clear intent behind this incident and ask the Hamilton Police to consider the following:

  • Criminal Negligence – Section 219

  • Assault Causing Bodily Harm – Section 267

  • Assault with a Weapon – Section 267 (This includes using the vehicle itself as a weapon)

We are deeply concerned that the amplification of anti-cyclist rhetoric in the GTHA is to blame for emboldening people like Mr. Stevens. It is part of a growing trend of road violence our office has seen in Ontario. We ask that the authorities take swift and decisive action in this case.


We request police and municipal leaders publicly declare their support for safe cycling and denounce vigilantism and dangerous driving.


We ask our cycling community in the area to be vigilant and stay safe. If you see something, report it through the proper channels. Steer clear and be mindful of this motorist Mr. Stevens in his 2006-2010 orange/red Toyota Tundra.


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Donno Braoff
Donno Braoff
21 jun

Failure to remain. After hitting another vehicle or person, you must stop and make your registration and insurance available to the other person. If a cyclist, pedestrian or someone in a mobility device is hit, the police must be called.

If you pause the above video (near the end) at the moment the car enters the intersection, the traffic light is red. This is running a red light. You can enter the intersection when the light is green or amber but not red. You can leave an intersection (go through the other side) when the light is red as long as you entered it when it is not red.

And I guess the 1m law is not enforcable. I was…

Me gusta

17 jun

Granted, this guy is 'unhinged', given his earlier offences against a cyclist in Dundas. HOWEVER, he is not wrong about what the group of cyclists did in the video. Yes, they did disobey many Stop Signs and a red light. (and probably even the ones he did not capture in his video.) I have seen groups of cyclists do those exact same things at those locations and others like that in Dundas and Ancaster and they are an EMBARASSMENT to Law Abiding cyclists. I am a cyclist. I do not blow through Stop Signs. I do not disobey red lights. Groups like this aggravate and anger motorists with their law breaking attitude and that reflects badly on ALL of us.…

Me gusta

Ted Chamberlain
Ted Chamberlain
14 jun

Indeed , the police need to arrest him NOW and charge him with assault. A similar incident happened to myself and friends on Valens rd last summer, a white pick up truck tried to ditch us. I had a letter published in the Spectator, yet I doubt these types can read. This has kept me from riding as I fear for my life.

What these moronic drivers do not understand is we are not aliens , we are husbands, fathers and in my case a grandfather. Our families would not be comforted by any half assed charge layed upon such motorists while they stand at our Graves.

Respectfully, TC

Me gusta

14 jun

Wow, that's scary.

I want to also point out that the vehicle be is driving in the video appears to be a red Volkswagen. Not sure if the Toyota Tundra mentioned in your post is a second vehicle or a mistake. You can see the steering wheel with the VW logo in the last second of the video. Just wanted to warn others to potentially keep an eye out for a red VW as well.

Me gusta
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