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ICBC reverses policy on charging cyclists & pedestrians damages for some collisions

Joel Zanatta


May 4, 2022

PRESS STATEMENT –Changes to the ICBC, Ben Bolliger & the Biking Lawyer LLP

In a press release issued today by the ICBC, we learned that there will be changes to ICBC policy related to when cyclists, pedestrians and other active transportation users could be charged with damages to a vehicle when they have some alleged responsibility for a crash.

Mr. Bolliger is a client of the Biking Lawyer LLP. His counsel in negotiations with the ICBC, Joel Zanatta, is available for comment on these new changes. A few initial thoughts:

  1. We are pleased to see that the Ben’s advocacy and bravery helped the ICBC recognize systemic flaws requiring urgent remedy in the current No Fault insurance system.

  2. We look forward to cyclists being treated with fairness and concern, given their unique status as vulnerable road users, but we still have concerns for injured cyclists.

  3. We continue to call on the Government of British Columbia and the ICBC to institute further changes to the No Fault regime, which would remove vulnerable road users from that motorist focused system and afford them the opportunity to advocate for compensation and justice unique to their needs.

Please contact Joel Zanatta at the Biking Lawyer LLP for comment at:

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