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The Biking Lawyer Hamilton

The Biking Lawyer LLP Celebrates Official Opening of Hamilton Office

“Throughout 2022, Hamilton cyclists shared with us their experiences of being hit from behind in bike lanes, at intersections by left turning drivers, and by motorists who didn’t abide by the 1-meter rule.”

“In response to this worrying decline in road safety we partnered with community groups, and now we’re taking the next logical step, putting boots on the ground and standing handlebar to handlebar with cyclists in Hamilton.” – David Shellnutt (Managing Partner)

On Tuesday February 28, 2023, we officially open The Biking Lawyer LLP Hamilton Office, located at 605 James Street N., Suite 200 (the Hamilton Port Authority Building).

Inspired by Community: In the first 6 months of 2022, 11 vulnerable road users were killed by motorists in Hamilton. Community members leapt into action to demand safe streets. Through collective action, working with thoughtful council members, and with a protest shutting down a dangerous throughway, community members created change.

Throughout this incredible moment in Hamilton’s history, The Biking Lawyer LLP advocated for injured Hamiltonian cyclists and supported community groups/organizations in their efforts to create safe streets:

We visited every bike shop in the city, providing free rider safety gear and "rules of the road" info cards. We co-hosted Cyclist Rights workshops. We regularly rode through the streets of Hamilton and saw firsthand the challenges faced by our cycling community here.

We cycled with community members in silence to honour Brian Woods.

We’ve partnered with local groups/initiatives like Everyone Rides, Breakfast Cycling Club, Hurtin’ in Haliburton, Breakfast Cycling Club, Ascent Cycling, Paris 2 Ancaster and more.

Inspired by the cycling and road safety advocates we’ve met in Hamilton and dedicated to building even more community partnerships and support, The Biking Lawyer LLP has opened a Hamilton office.

With the addition of a dedicated Hamilton legal practice, we will use our experience from across Ontario and our reputation for vanguard advocacy in the battle for safe streets, from Main Street to the up-mountain bike lane deserts. We are specialists in cycling law, now firmly rooted in the community we intend to serve.

Justice for cyclists and other vulnerable road users in Hamilton and across Ontario.

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