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Updated: Sep 29, 2022



On October 1 2022 at 12:00pm, cycling community members and allies in the battle for #SafeStreets will be taking part in #ActivismTO. #ActivismTO is a community response to the multiple failures of Toronto’s leaders: the failed promise of a return of #ActiveTO this year, the failed promise of a successful Vision Zero plan, targeted policing exhibited against people on bikes in High Park and on Shaw St, and rampant ongoing hit-and-runs and unsafe streets.

Since the inception of our Vision Zero plan in 2017, our leaders have repeatedly flouted the core value of Vision Zero by valuing the convenience of drivers over saving lives by redesigning streets and addressing a climate disaster.

On Saturday, October 1 at 12:00pm, people on bikes will gather in Trinity Bellwoods park and ride to south Lakeshore West where we were promised a return of #ActiveTO this summer.

#ActivismTO organizers have issued a list of demands for Toronto City Council candidates in advance of the October 24 election:

Bring back #ActiveTO on Lakeshore West

  • At regular and promoted times as promised in consultation with stakeholders and community members.

Car Free High Park

  • Provide accessible parking spaces, but otherwise limit car access

  • Redesign the roads within the park to prioritize the safety of vulnerable road users and reduce conflict points with drivers

  • Dedicated training hours for higher-speed riding until a dedicated high-speed lane or loop is built

Withdraw all tickets handed out in August 2022 to cyclists in High Park and on Shaw Street

  • In light of the video evidence of Toronto Police themselves not adhering to the rules of the road they have enforced against cyclists, these tickets are an affront to justice

  • Legalize the Idaho Stop

Expand Road Safety Alternatives to Policing

  • Invest in Vision Zero infrastructure that keeps people safe, calms traffic and reduces conflict/collisions

  • Recognize that policing in Toronto disproportionately targets racialized, particularly Black and Indigenous residents and so therefore we need to think of ways to reduce reliance on police for road safety

  • Invest in equitably deployed automated enforcement, which must not disproportionately impact BIPOC or low-income residents

Build the Cycling Network plan

  • We are in a climate crisis and a road safety crisis - leaders must act with urgency to provide a safe alternative to cars

  • Toronto has a long history of making elaborate multi-100s-kms plans and building a tiny amount, then abandoning the plan. This dithering must stop, and there must be transparent accountability for any failure to build on schedule

Safe Construction Zones

  • Enact and enforce rules that guarantee active transportation infrastructure is retained through construction zones, even if it involves closing a lane for cars

  • Create a ‘Mobility Squad’ that is responsible for fixing Work Zones that put vulnerable road users in danger

Lower speeds in all school zones to 30 km/h immediately

  • There are many schools on streets that are 40km/h and 50km/h, which is far too dangerous and hostile

Build safe complete streets for everyone, everywhere.

  • When streets are built to be safe by design, police aren’t needed

Build Vision Zero outside of downtown core

  • Residents of lower-income neighbourhoods, who are more likely to be racialized, don’t receive any investment in Vision Zero infrastructure, despite these being the most dangerous streets in Toronto

  • Our leaders must have the courage to re-design the most deadly suburban arterial roads

Support Working Cyclists

  • Stand firmly behind a livable wage, worker’s rights, health and safety issues advocated for by Gig Workers United and other advocates

While this event will feature a group bike ride, all are welcome at the endpoint for a Safe Streets Party and words from advocates.

Media Contacts available upon request.

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